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Padmini Earrings J1ER01GGG

Padmini Earrings J1ER01GGG

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Bead art in India is five thousand year old and dates back to the time of Indus Valley Civilization. People of that civilization used to make beads out of gold, silver, copper, clay, ivory and even wood. The excavation carried out there came out with finished and unfinished beads from the site.

A traditional dholki necklace is popular in the states of Maharashtra and Rajasthan of central India and is handcrafted with rounded and oblong beads that can vary in color from Gold, silver, and red. The beads are arranged in a single strand, often with other decorative beads or center stones for embellishment. These necklaces are shorter in length and can be worn with other necklaces during the wedding ceremonies.

The Dholki beads adorning the necklace in this collection are made using wax with brass and covered in silver or gold foil and may bend or contain slight irregularities that are charming in its inconsistency.

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Each of the pieces of this collection are handcrafted . The artisans have been doing this for generations without the help of modern gadgets and amenities. The result are these breathtaking pieces. They have far more beauty and grace than the machine made jewellery. It is common to find some observations like asymmetrical patterns, some stones different or missing, something bigger or smaller, small difference between a pair of earrings or bangles, etc. These are not defects, but part of the authenticity and heritage of this type of handmade jewellery.