Spirit of Life - Healing beauties from Tibet!

About Us

Zewar is the embellishment or adornment that adds grace and beauty; is precious and retains value. Zewaronline understands fashion and its role in adding to your inherent style. Zewaronline puts in a lot of knowledge, passion and creativity to curate the bespoke, classic statement pieces that elevate your style quotient instantly.  Most of our pieces are unique and single pieces only so that there are never two of a kind and are as unique as you. We curate our product line very sharply and keep limited number of pieces to make your choice easy.

The spirit of our collection is deeply rooted yet strongly independent and free spirited, reflective of the personality of the contemporary woman.

Shivani Singh stepped up from a high profile media career, spanning over two and a half decades, to become a serial startup engine. While she studied Microbiology, Management & Leadership and managed multi million dollar business in Media, she always had an eye for aesthetics and style. She understands fashion and communication with unusual intensity. Zewaronline is her brainchild. She drives the brand creatively and is directly involved in every aspect of the business and really enjoys this journey of marrying ancient cultural heritage with contemporary sensibilities to create classy, handcrafted statements through her brand! 

Celebrate Life, Celebrate you ! #Zewaronline