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About the Kuchi 
The Kuchi are a nomadic people, not belonging to any one country or ethnic group. For centuries they traveled freely across nationa borders throughout the Middle East and Central Asia. Their jewelry and clothing is strongly tied to their culture and is renowned for its variety, wonderful colors, and exuberance.

Traditionally Jewelry from Hindukush region always included deep-blue Lapis Lazuli – a stone associated with royalty, sparkling bits of pyrite fleck its deep blue color, giving it the appearance of the night sky – a symbol of endless possibilities, along with jade, agate, carnelian, and turquoise. Silver and coin metal (silver-nickel alloy) are the metals of choice. Gold is rarely used in Kuchi or Turkmen jewelry, except for the occasional gilding.

For decades, Hindukush regions have experienced difficult times. Many jewelry artisans moved away or are unable to find traditional materials and tools to work with. The artistry remains, however, with traditional Tribal styling still evident in even the most roughly crafted pieces. it is among the Vintage and Antique Kuchi Jewelry where you will find the most awe inspiring Collectible pieces.

Hindukush Jewelry is frequently included under the Turkmen and Kuchi Jewelry categories because their geographic areas overlap.