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Charm of Old Jewelry

Reconstituted Old Jewellery

"They just don't make em like this anymore"

Tools and economics of jewelry making have changed. Making was far more laborious and inexact. It would cost a bomb to make it again with the same materials and process. 

Old jewelry was made out of love, new is just made for economics. So an old artisan told me. When I showed him this necklace, he was in tears. He remembered that his 'Abbu Jaan' used to make things like this. It was almost always made on order & took weeks to complete. These pieces actually went into dresses. He has not seen anyone make anything like this for past 25 years, and couple of pieces in this may well be over 50 years old!!

The Grace and Charm of old jewelry far surpasses that of machine made today. Also as it is no longer in production, and a lot of it is getting melted away, I could bet this will also become collectible and may appreciate in value. 

Zewaronline is reconstituting old jewelry, & making it wearable. Silently it is also keeping it intact & making collectibles available at a very accessible price points. 


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