Spirit of Life - Healing beauties from Tibet!


Turkmen oxidised silver like precious stones jewellery

Bohemian . Luxe . Handcrafted

Zewaronline understands the difference between transient fashion and timeless style!

Zewaronline puts in knowledge, passion and creativity to curate the bespoke, heritage, statement pieces, taking inspiration from exotic cultures around the world. Most of our pieces are unique, one of a kind, single pieces that elevate your inherent style quotient and make you stand out in the crowd. We design our product line sharply and keep limited number of pieces to make your choice easy.

The spirit of our collection is deeply rooted yet fiercely independent and free spirited, reflective of the personality of  the Contemporary Woman! 

Presenting The Hindukush Collection comprising of Sultana, Afreen & Khwabeeda series. These pieces are handcrafted up high in the mountains by the nomadic Kutchi tribes. They are all as Majestic & full of mystique as the region they come from.